American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Recommendations

In a review article written by Lynn T. Staheli for the AAP, many studies were cited that show that walking barefoot is best for the development of children's feet. When children grow, their feet changes from a flat foot to one with an arch. The arch of a child's foot typically develops in their first 6 to 8 years. Studies have shown that the use of inappropriate footwear for children may cause foot deformities to develop. As such, the AAP has listed several recommendations with regard to shoes for infants and children with normal feet.

The most effective footwear should be: 

  1. Quadrangular
    The shape of the shoes should conform to the shape of a normal foot - larger at the toe area and slightly narrower towards the ankle. There should be abundant space for the toes.

  2. Flexible
    This allows for free foot movement. The shoes should not be stiff and restrict the movement of the feet.

  3. Flat
    The sole of the shoes should be flat with no elevation of the heel.

  4. Porous
    The shoe should be made with leather or unsealed fabric to avoid skin macerations or fungal infections.

  5. Moderately Tractive
    Sole friction should be equivalent to that of the bare foot. Soles that are slippery (leather) or create extra friction should be avoided.

  6. Lightweight
    The shoes should be lightweight to reduce energy expenditure in young children.

  7. Extended above the ankle
    This is to prevent the shoe from slipping off their feet when they are running around exploring.

  8. Acceptable in appearance
    This recommendation leans toward a more emotional aspect as the study claims that children are more sensitive. Therefore, their footwear should not invite any form of criticism or ridicule.

  9. Reasonably priced
    Medically satisfactory footwear need not be expensive. Children grow quickly and their shoe sizes have to be reviewed every 2-3 months.

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  1. Staheli, L. T. (1991). Shoes for Children: A Review. Pediatrics, 88(2), 371–375.